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Marching Fashion Foward into Black History Month w/ hats by The Carter Brand 🔥

The Carter Brand connects trendy fashion with a few legendary faces of OUR history. These perfectly embroidered grand dad hats are sure to steal the show! Here are some of my favorite hats from their collection...

Chief Keef Robs & Assults Music Producer??

Chief Keef has been arrested for robbery and assault earlier this week for attacking his former music producer, Ramsay Tha Great.
The Chicago rapper (real name Keith Cozart) was taken into custody just days after Ramsay claimed he was set upon in an armed home invasion...



Is this what is come down to? 


New Edition's B.E.T Miniseries watched by 4.4 Million Viewers

New Edition has started 2017 off with a bang! They received their much deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (Jan 23rd)! A day later their 3 part Miniseries started. I watched this Miniseries and as a fan of everything music I must say... it's a classic!!! This will be remembered and watched for years to come! The New Edition Story will go down in history just like all the movies we grew up on..... Jackson 5 movie, The Temptations,  What's Love Gotta Do With It (Tina Turner), & The 5 Heart Beats just to name a few. If you are a music lover, this a must watch!!!

New Edition receiving their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

New Edition receiving their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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